Wednesday, 12 November 2008

In Our October 2008 Newsletter

Following frantic selling on the financial markets at the end of October we included three items in our most recent newsletter that we think will help our clients sell their products and services in the coming months!

Search Engine Performance and Submission to Google
Google has introduced Webmaster Tools giving you an insight into how Google sees your site. This is the first step towards improving your site's performance on Google.
Read more about Google Webmaster Tools

Article: Copywriting for Search Engines
Search engines look for keywords in various places on the page such as title, headings and body copy. Consequently, following the guidelines in our article, 'Copywriting for Search Engines', can improve your website's performance.
Read more about Copywriting for Search Engines

E-mailing Newsletters to Clients
Where clients are likely to respond well to regular contact about your products or services, email newsletters are an excellent way to develop client relationships.

You can communicate your messages quickly, cheaply and tailored to specific types of customer.

Reporting tools offer valuable information on customer response to the mailshot including who opened the email and the links followed.
Read more about E-mailing Newsletters to Clients

Read the full newsletter in full.

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