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A Blog for your Business.

What is a Blog?

A 'Blog' is a website that is regularly maintained by an individual or Business. The word 'Blog' is a contraction of the word 'Weblog'.

It is a series of 'diary style' postings which describe events, offer some kind of commentary, usually written but can also be in video format.

You are reading the Alpha State 'Blog' now. It is about web design and website marketing in East Sussex.

The facility for readers to leave comments after each entry is an important feature of Blogs. To leave a comment see the link labelled 'Comments' at the foot of this post.

A Blog can form part of your existing website (e.g. or it can located at a separate address (e.g. this one -

How can a Blog help my business?

A 'Blog' offers another way to speak to your existing clients and, at the same time, introduce yourself and your services to potential clients. As well as the Blog itself you can lead readers through to relevant pages on your principal website by linking keywords and phrases within your postings.

We use this Blog to discuss website design and website marketing techniques and offer the reader opportunities to visit our website for further information on our services.

Our postings also reflect the fact that many of our clients are businesses in East Sussex and try to include links that may be of more general interest such as the local county council's Business in East Sussex section on their website.

A Blog also offers a facility for your clients to feedback by leaving a comment after one of your posts. As the editor of the Blog you can review and approve their comments before they are published for others to read.

A second important benefit of Blogging is its ability to improve the visibility of your principal website in search engines results listings.

As the number of posts steadily climbs search engines will return more frequently to update themselves with the new content. Over time they should conclude that both the Blog and the principal business website are a vibrant and useful resource for its users.

The better the Blog the more likely it is to build a community of followers which should generate valuable inbound links from third party websites and so greater visibility and numbers of visitors.

How to get started?

It is free and relatively straightforward to set up a Blog yourself. However as website designers Alpha State can set it up and style it so that it complements your existing branding professionally.

To get started yourself using this website (Blogger) simply follow the link at top right of this page which reads 'Create Blog'. You will need to set up a Google Account (other benefits of a Google Account are discussed below).

For more information contact Alphastate Website Design or visit the Blogger home page (select Blogger logo at top left).


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Blogging is building one way link and creating informative contents of your site. It is considered as one of SMO technique that the seo are using.

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